Q. Where does TPO Operate?

A. We currently operate in Government Canyon State Natural Area and Guadalupe River State Park near San Antonio, TX. We plan to expand further into the Hill Country this year.

Q. Can I just rent the equipment?

A. Yes! We provide camping equipment rental services for pick-up or delivery within Austin and San Antonio areas for $60 per night

Q. What equipment is included in your camping package?

A: Our camping packages are intended for 4 campers and include the following:

  • 6 person tent
  • 4 sleeping bags
  • 4 sleeping pads
  • 4 fleece sleep sheets
  • 1 camp stove
  • 1 set of camp cookware
  • 1 lantern/lamp

Q. What days do you operate on?

A: Currently, we operate on weekends only, Friday - Sunday. Bookings are on a per night basis.

More questions?

If you have additional questions that aren't on this list, just reach out to us at: [email protected]